Themes for 2024-2025 competitions

From David Hardy

I promised the membership that I would announce the themes for next season’s competitions before the summer break but have just realised that it is upon us and I haven’t done so yet

So here they are.

Comp 1  PDI  Open mono  Theme.. Flight
Comp 2  Print  Open colour Theme.. Long exposure
Comp 3 PDI Open mono Theme.. Lowry
Comp 4 PDI Open colour Theme.. Emotions
Comp 5 Print Open mono Theme.. Sport & games
Comp 6 PDI Open colour Theme.. Abstract/Surreal

As always it is up to the individual how he/she chooses to interpret the theme. Hopefully some of the interpretations will showcase imagination and individuality.

I realise that long exposure is also a project group theme for the summer but don’t see that as a problem. Not all the members attend the project group and perhaps it will encourage some of the project group who do not usually enter the competitions to do so, and anyway, we thought of it first!

Website updated with tips on printing and mounting your images

As mentioned at the AGM we have had to revert on insisting on mounting prints for competitions.  Prints can be flush mounted although you are free to window mount them if you desire, and members have offered to loan you their window mount cutter.

I’ve recently watched a video on printing your images by Mads Peter Iverson which I found helpful, and DS Colourlabs have a useful page.

The Useful info and links page on our website has been updated with more information on printing and mounting your images.

Happy New Calendar

With the New Year, you get a new calendar and our website is no exception!  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to add new meetings etc to our existing calendar so we’ve moved to Google calendar. You can see the new calendar here  along with instructions on how to view it on your phone/tablet or computer. The old calendar will be removed after our next meeting on 9th Jan.

Photography Online monthly photo magazine

I received this from the Photography Show Online, please subscribe on YouTube if you are interested.

Dear David,

I am writing to you to introduce Photography Online – a 60 minute
monthly photo magazine show hosted on YouTube. You may already be aware
of our channel, but we have taken a break from releasing output during
2023 to allow us time to record more exciting content from all over the

Our relaunch show is available from Jan 7th and includes a photo
challenge around the UK, winter macro photography, a photo tour around
Namibia and a model shoot where we cross process some film to get some
funky results. We also have a week-long photo holiday to the Isle of
Skye in Scotland (worth £2000) to be won.

We then have a further 9 highly produced shows to come in 2024 which
will be released on the first Sunday of each month through to Oct. These
will include features on light painting, zoo photography, astro and
aurora, long exposure seascapes, wildlife for beginners, wide angle
photography, camera maintenance, hidden Venice, and lots more.

Photography Online is free to watch and aims to educate, inspire and
enthuse anyone with a camera to get out more often and enjoy their

If you would be so kind as to help spread the word to your camera club
members and anyone else who may be interested, then we would really
appreciate it. Our aim is to build a worldwide platform to help
photographers improve their skills and expand their knowledge.

Please feel free to visit our channel  –

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy our shows in 2024.

Kind regards,
Photography Online Team

External competitions to enter

London Camera Exchange has their inaugural POTY competition – free to enter and £12000 prize fund (in LCE vouchers). There are 14 different categories.

And thanks to Nick for sending the list below, might be worth a try.  These competitions are judged by different standards than our club competitions.

  • Amateur Photographer of the Year
  • Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • Sony World Photography Awards
  • LensCulture Photography Awards
  • Anthology Photography Competition
  • Travel Photographer of the Year
  • Astronomy Photographer of the Year
  • Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Environmental Photographer of the Year
  • Taylor Wessing Photographic Prize
  • British Wildlife Photography Awards
  • Close Up Photographer of the Year
  • International Garden Photographer of the Year
  • EISA Maestro
  • Nature Photographer of the Year
  • SINWP Bird Photographer of the Year
  • iPhone Photography Awards
  • RPS International Photography Exhibition 164
  • British Photography Awards
  • Weather Photographer of the Year
  • Fine Art Photography Awards
  • World Sports Photography Awards
  • Historic Photographer of the Year
  • Minimalist Photography Awards
  • Underwater Photographer of the Year


Mentoring groups are go

Due to the great talks at last weeks meeting, we ran out of time to talk about the mentoring groups. I’ve organised the groups to the best of my ability and here is an update of where we are.

First of all thanks to everyone who signed up, we had 27 positive responses.  For privacy reasons, I’m sending out details of groups by email to those who responded so keep an eye on your inbox (and spam folder).

The groups were assigned on basis of level, camera, software (hopefully) using the following criteria
  • At least one other with same camera & software (total number of users in brackets) 
    • Olympus (4), Fuji (5), Nikon (6) & Canon (6) cameras only (not enough users for other makes).
    • Affinity (13) & Adobe (14) software
    • It was too complex to add in phone type (2/3rds use iPhone, 1/3rd use Android).
  • Each group has a balance of user ability
How the groups will work – However the group members want them to!
  • You can start now
  • Communicate via email, face to face, WhatsApp, Facebook, however you want
  • At the next meeting, get in touch with your fellow group members and share contact details.
  • Two half members evenings are planned on 9th January & 19th March for mentoring at the club.
  • Better if the the most experienced is not the leader in terms of organisation as it is likely that they will have more work to do in the group. This will spread the workload. So you  need to be proactive if you want this to work
  • No set topics: have questions and images to discuss in your group

Have fun and hope you enjoy the mentoring. We will discuss how this goes after Easter and can change how these operate.  If you would like to be the mentoring co-ordinator going forward send an email to

That’s all for now



Projector calibration

At last week’s meeting, we calibrated our projector to give accurate colours.  We used the club’s X-Rite ColorMunki which is works on Windows 10 and 11. The packaging says it works on Mac OS 10 and above.  Datacolor also make a similar device.

From X-Rite’s website we did this  because “Our eyes are very adaptive and influenced by many factors. If you work on an un-calibrated monitor, you can’t trust the colors you see on-screen. You need a display colorimeter to create an ICC profile to render accurate color for the best reproduction on-screen. ICC profiles are used to achieve color consistency between different devices, such as monitor to printer match.”

To answer questions raised whilst we did this, the calibration is for the projector however the results are saved on the club laptop.  For your images to look the same at home and at the club, you should calibrate your display at home, and you can use the clubs ColorMunki to do this.  Note that there may still be difference due to brightness especially as you may view your images at home in different ambient light.

For more information, have a look at the X-Rite website or the Datacolor website



Last week, there was an enthusiastic reception to setting up mentoring groups as part of our activities. I’m now working on a form for those (the majority who were present) to sign-up.  We are also looking at the program for meetings when we can hold mentoring sessions.

For those who weren’t at the meeting, here’s some background information.

What is mentoring
  • Would you like to have others discuss your work in small groups so you get an alternative viewpoint? Others won’t have the same emotional attachment to your image.
  • Would you like more help to understand how to get certain effects or get the most out of your camera? 
  • Do you have other questions about photography? 
  • Perhaps you’d just like to help others develop their skills? 
  • Do you just fancy talking about images in a small group?

If so, then mentoring may be for you. 

This to enhance your skills – not necessarily for competitions

How will these group work?
  • However you want them to
  • They have a random distribution of people with different skill levels
  • Discussion within groups can take place via  Email, WhatsApp, over a drink, each group decides what they want to do. We will also use club meetings.

Look out for the email and WhatsApp message so you can sign up to participate.


Discount for early payment of subs ending soon, programme and how to find the club

With just over 2 weeks before the start of next season, the discount for early payment of subs ends on 22nd August so act quickly if you want the lower price of £80. The price from 23rd August will be £85.

Details of the programme is now on the club website at Calendar | Wilmslow Photography Club ( so you can see what to expect for next year.

As we now meet at the Conservative Club, there’s a map on the website. As you go along Water Lane in Wilmslow, turn into Grove Avenue opposite Preston’s jewellers and then follow the road round. Eventually you will come to the Conservative Club.

Although most of the parking spaces have reserved signs on them, this is only during the daytime, you can park in any space in the evening. There is also plenty of parking on the road in the evening.

Finally, you can get a drink at the bar either before, during or after our meetings and you can take your drink into the meeting room upstairs.

Register now for next season and get £5 off

As sending email updates continues to be an issue for many members, I’ve put the bulk of my recent email here as well.

If you haven’t received the email, please check your spam folder.

Please use the web contact form if you want to be sent the payment details to join the club.

Next season

Since May, the committee and several club members have been working on getting everything in place for the new season.  This starts on Tuesday 5th September 2023 at Wilmslow Conservative Club, 15 Grove Avenue, Wilmslow SK9 5EG.  There is a link to a map on the club website under the interested in joining us section.

The programme up until Christmas is on the website as well. Michael is still working on the remainder or the year, and it will be published as soon as the final speaker or two is confirmed.

The club website also has details of our constitution and privacy policy

Register now for £5 off

We have set the subscription for next year at £85 however if you pay online before August 22nd, it will only cost £80.  Remember this is for the whole season and we don’t charge a weekly fee. 


For those of you who post on Instagram, the club is now has an account.  Please tag the club whenever possible as this will help with publicity for our club.  There are link to the account and the facebook page at the end of this email.

Although there wasn’t a huge number of people at the Wilmslow Show, we have attracted potential new members, and there have also been enquires via the website.  If you’re one of the potential new members, don’t forget that you can come along to a few meetings before joining to see what we offer.

We also added to the club funds at the show by the sale of cards kindly donated by Kathy H, and after the show, I sold three images of Wilmslow to someone who stopped at the stand.
We now have our regular newsletter thanks to Dave R, if you have any info/articles of interest, images you want to share to him either directly or by using the contact form on the website. Due to the newsletter, you will see fewer emails from me and they will generally be shorter in the future.

Take care and enjoy your photography



Wilmslow Show, Sunday 2nd July 2023

We will be at Wilmslow Show this July!

Come to our stand to find out what we do, how to join us, or just to have a chat about photography.  Everyone welcome!

We’ll also have a  selection of members’ pictures on show, some for sale.

Sunday 2nd July 11am – 4pm

Carnival Fields, Wilmslow SK9 5NG

2023-24 Competition Season

A reminder of the competition subjects for the next season.

Comp 1 (DPI) Part 1 – Open Mono
Comp 1 (DPI) Part 2 – Textures
Comp 2 (Print) Part 1 – Open Colour
Comp 2 (Print) Part 2 – People
Comp 3 (DPI) Part 1 – Open Mono
Comp 3 (DPI) Part 2 – Mundane Objects
Comp 4 (DPI) Part 1 – Open Colour
Comp 4 (DPI) Part 2 – Urban Architecture
Comp 5 (Print) Part 1 – Open Mono
Comp 5 (Print) Part 2 – Product
Comp 6 (DPI) Part 1 – Open Colour
Comp 6 (DPI) Part 2 – An Ants eye view

Last post of the season

Although this is on the website for the new club, it is the last post I’ll do as chair of WGPS. Why am I hearing a lone trumpeter as this point (the last post)?  The new club swings into action after 24th May.

Wilmslow Show

We have a stand at the show on 3rd July to let the world (well Wilmslow anyway) know that the Wilmslow Photography Club exists and is preparing for its first season.

North Cheshire Challenge

Our new club has  entered the North Cheshire Challenge. I hope we can share the zoom details so you can watch the judging on 3rd June at 8pm which is by Terry Donnelly. If not, we’ll let you know how we get on.

Project group

Last Thursday evening saw the final meeting of the WGPS Project Group. Six club members produced a variety of interesting images before we got the heave ho from the Caretaker! All is not lost though as we plan to continue the group when the new WPC forms in September. As yet I have no dates…. but I do have some themes to photograph for those who wish to join in.

  • Theme 1 will be Open , six of your favourite/ worst/what went wrong images, in fact any 6 you choose that you have taken over the Summer and would like to present.
  • Theme 2. Fine Art Architecture. Clearly inspired by the recent talk from David Boam. Its entirely up to you what you shoot and how you process it to put your own interpretation on the subject.

As usual we have no judges. Any questions/comments please get in touch with Bill S.

Summer projects

As advertised in our first club newsletter, the projects to keep you busy, alongside the project group, are “Repetition” and “Nostalgia”.  We will review these images in September. I’ll confirm the details once the programme is finalised.

Your favourite photo

This is another challenge – what is the favourite photograph you’ve ever taken?  Get your thinking caps on, and scan any old prints or negatives if that’s the medium your favourite is on!  When we review this, we’d also like to see your favourite images that has inspired you – think about why you took up this great hobby, or what changed the direction you took, or anything else that inspires you!

Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

Did you know that you could take a trip to Rheged, near Penrith between 26th May and 3rd September to view this exhibition.  More details are shown here. It is also going to other places Where to see the exhibition | Natural History Museum (


L&CPU Individual Competition

We had Three members John O’Brien, David Higton and David Royle, enter into the L&CPU Individual Competition with varying success. David Royle having successfully attained  a score of 13 or above on two images  which means they will be accepted into the  L&CPU exhibition.  David Higton narrowly missed out with one of his images scoring 12.

Congratulations to David Royle on his success.  Here are his successful images, Walking the Dog and Three Sail Out


Chair’s blog 10th April

A few highlights from my recent email

Next meeting
There isn’t a meeting on April 12th so the next meeting is on April 19th.  This meeting is online as the speaker Darren Lewey is in Morocco. He is giving two talks  “shooting a landscape for the first time” and “making portraits of strangers”. 
Project group
The next project group meeting is Thursday 20th April – subjects are “Doors” and “Found on the farm”
Have you been to Iceland, if so we’d love to see your images at the members evening on 3rd May?  We are collating images on PhotoEntry from all who have been, you can upload up to eight images in the ad-hoc section
Club trip to Hebden Bridge
Sue has organised a trip to Hebden Bridge for Tuesday 9th May.  As usual this is not organised by the Guild, for the benefit of new members, you have to find your own way there.  More details to follow however put the date in your diary now.
 Chairman’s challenge
This year, the challenge is “taken in the blue or golden hour”.  Please upload up to 4 images to PhotoEntry in the single competition section.  The winner will be selected by the members.
For sale
Gary Schultz has a set of studio lights for sale, please contact Gary for more details
Photography quote
I came across this quote by Andrew Hardacre on the Photography is like Golf page of the Photowalk podcast. Apologies to those who have minimal knowledge of Golf however it is an appropriate description:
“Photography reminds me of golf. You can walk all day and get nothing. You wonder why you bother. Then you get one good shot and you can’t wait to get out again. You reminisce about your ‘birdies and eagles’ and pray for a hole in one, that magical lucky shot that you want to frame and hang. Gary Player famously said, the harder I practice the luckier I get. But most of the time it’s bunkers and bogies.”

Feb 15th – programme changes – updated

Competition 5

Unfortunately, the judge for Competition 5 has had to cancel.  Due to the short notice, and that this was a print competition we have had to move Competition 5 to April 26th.  The good news is that we’ve extended the closing date for entries till March 29th.  If you’ve already entered, sit back and relax unles you want to change your entry.

On Feb 15th, we’ll now hold an informal club competition with the usual knockout format.  There’s a space on PhotoEntry in the single competition category for you to upload 3 entries.

The images should be new images but you can use them in the future for normal club competitions. Look forward to seeing your images from as many members as possible.

Competition 6

This is still on March 15th, and yes I know it’s before comp 5, but we’ve had another judge change so this is now on Zoom!  Themes and deadlines are unchanged!


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