Themes for 2024-2025 competitions

From David Hardy

I promised the membership that I would announce the themes for next season’s competitions before the summer break but have just realised that it is upon us and I haven’t done so yet

So here they are.

Comp 1  PDI  Open mono  Theme.. Flight
Comp 2  Print  Open colour Theme.. Long exposure
Comp 3 PDI Open mono Theme.. Lowry
Comp 4 PDI Open colour Theme.. Emotions
Comp 5 Print Open mono Theme.. Sport & games
Comp 6 PDI Open colour Theme.. Abstract/Surreal

As always it is up to the individual how he/she chooses to interpret the theme. Hopefully some of the interpretations will showcase imagination and individuality.

I realise that long exposure is also a project group theme for the summer but don’t see that as a problem. Not all the members attend the project group and perhaps it will encourage some of the project group who do not usually enter the competitions to do so, and anyway, we thought of it first!