Projected Digital Imaging

Some notes to assist you in the ..
preparation, submission and projection of Digital Images

Preparing Images for PDI projection

To satisfactorily project your images they need to be submitted in the correct format (see Competition Information for details). Note that if images are not exactly 1600×1200, they do not need to be ‘filled out’ with a ‘canvas’ BUT one of the dimensions must be exact … i.e. either 1600 wide OR 1200 tall.

– Preparing images in your processing software

Many of you will  output images from your Image Processing Software – the documents below describe how to do this in the different software packages.

These documents describe sizing for 1400px x 1050px.
Substitute 1600px x 1200px if submitting at the larger size.

Preparing images for PDI with Lightroom (PDF)
Preparing PDI images in Photoshop (PDF)
Preparing PDI Images in P.Shop Elements (coming soon –  offers?)

 – Resizing your images with free software

There are at least two free software packages which will resize your images to the correct format without using any processing software. They do not provide the fine control available in processing software but to many of us the output will be indistinguishable from the original.  Please note that FastStone Resizer does NOT output acceptable images (not sure why, but it doesn’t).

Both of these software packages offer a wealth of functionality so can appear a little daunting … but the instructions below will take you straight to the resizing functions. I would suggest XnView has the most straightforward approach (fewer steps) but I believe some members already use IrfanView.

As above … These documents describe sizing for 1400px x 1050px.
Substitute 1600px x 1200px if submitting at the larger size.

Resizing images for PDI with XnView (PDF)
Resizing images for PDI with Irfan View (PDF)

 Setting up the Projection Equipment (2015)

Laminated copies of these notes are stored with the laptop

Setting up the laptop and projector (PDF)
Quick checklist for laptop and projector setup (PDF)

DiCentra Software

DiCentra software is designed to project images in PDI competitions. It allows us to project images ‘anonymously’ and award marks as they are judged.  Inbuilt features allow us to ‘hold back’ images for the judge to review and at the end of the competition to download results – which we can display on the web site and use to track the Photographer of the Year rankings.

If you would like more information …

DiCentraPDISoftware (PDF)
DiCentraJudgesNotes (PDF)

A copy of the DiCentra ‘cheat sheet’ showing the various hotkeys used during a competition is stored with the laptop.

Full documentation on the Wilbur Imaging site

Technical Notes

Some background technical information for any photography geeks

RGB Colour for PDI (PDF)
Image Sizes for Digital projection (PDF)
Colour Spaces And Profiles for PDI (PDF)


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