Photography Online monthly photo magazine

I received this from the Photography Show Online, please subscribe on YouTube if you are interested.

Dear David,

I am writing to you to introduce Photography Online – a 60 minute
monthly photo magazine show hosted on YouTube. You may already be aware
of our channel, but we have taken a break from releasing output during
2023 to allow us time to record more exciting content from all over the

Our relaunch show is available from Jan 7th and includes a photo
challenge around the UK, winter macro photography, a photo tour around
Namibia and a model shoot where we cross process some film to get some
funky results. We also have a week-long photo holiday to the Isle of
Skye in Scotland (worth £2000) to be won.

We then have a further 9 highly produced shows to come in 2024 which
will be released on the first Sunday of each month through to Oct. These
will include features on light painting, zoo photography, astro and
aurora, long exposure seascapes, wildlife for beginners, wide angle
photography, camera maintenance, hidden Venice, and lots more.

Photography Online is free to watch and aims to educate, inspire and
enthuse anyone with a camera to get out more often and enjoy their

If you would be so kind as to help spread the word to your camera club
members and anyone else who may be interested, then we would really
appreciate it. Our aim is to build a worldwide platform to help
photographers improve their skills and expand their knowledge.

Please feel free to visit our channel  –

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy our shows in 2024.

Kind regards,
Photography Online Team