Project Group

Anyone who is a member of the Photographic Club is welcome to attend.
The aim of the group is to  develop an individual’s photographic skills  by discussing  images and other photographic issues in a friendly and non competitive atmosphere. This is partly achieved by setting photographic challenges which are decided within the group, the results then being shown at the next meeting.

See the programme calendar for dates.

Project Group Update.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 6th February 2024, so there is plenty of time  to rise to the two latest challenges.

As usual, put your own interpretation on the theme, its not a competition, its an exercise in learning and enjoying your photography.  Please, no more than 5 images per subject in order to give every contributor a chance of a fair showing. Sizing is not critical but using the standard 1600 x 1200 pixels is good for practice.

1. Nostalgia in 100 years. ……. For example what items, situations, ??? etc  that are around today will be looked at with wistful affection (quote from Apple Dictionary) in a hundred years time?  

2. Shoot a Record Cover…….. Make up your own, reproduce a well known one or whatever variation you please. Its up to you. If you want inspiration, a nostalgic trip to most Charity Shops will provide a source for little money.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please let me know.

Bill Salkeld


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